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So according to the story posted on reddit, the person who called this number experienced some very traumatizing things. Basically it’s a number that asks you if you would like to “remodel” and basically kills the person you choose to “remodel”. 

At the end the guy himself was scheduled for “remodeled” 

I thought it was some sort of stupid, urban legend someone made up to get attention but then I read through the comments, and the people who actually called the number faced the same thing. 

I’m going to remain skeptical and say it’s just a plumbing/electric company and people are just hyping it up. 

But I can’t know for sure. Nor do I have the guts to actually call the number.

Are you guys brave enough? 

Now i know what to give an asshole if they ask for my number



but in all seriousness, here are some testimonials thus far people have given me

If you call this number you will hear exactly as the story says, that’s a guarantee.

But like I said in the beginning of the post I’m pretty sure it’s just a set up, so don’t worry guys.

Never the less, this really scared me. 

DAMN for a joke, this guy put SO much effort into it. 10/10, best horror prank ever. 

Also I found out the original writer has a tumblr

Send him some love for this perfect creepiness. 


Anonymous asked:

Jeff the killer

I like it better when you ask a question {like “do you know of this guy or wut do you have on him”} rather than just the name, but here is my own thoughts on him

Jeff the killer is not real
He is a being made up from the depths of the net
He has been wrote and rewrote about, makeing him into a creepypasta

I have an mouth that goes almost ear to ear, as most of you know or known from hearing me talk about it on my main tumblr

If anything, i am creepier than “jeff the killer” as I’m a real person

but anyway here

Jeff the killer origin

Youtube user Sesseur Uploaded a video called "Jeff the killer [Original Story]" Uploaded on Oct 3, 2008.

In the video he uses, the pic first coined with "jeff the killer" as he says, there is also a picture of "jeff’s" brother, which if you looks at the face shape and hair, Is the same man playing as "jeff" {see this hasn’t been looked into cause people are stupid, they just believe wut is told to them"

The "teen jeff" picture that is also wearing the glasses of “his” brother is clearly a younger pic of the “brother” {this is blown off by the guy saying “jeff is just playing with his glasses” thus thats wut everyone has taken it, but they clearly fit his face}

another pic of "jeff"  is actually a photoshop of a girl named Katy Robinson that had killed herself due to bullying {she had stupidly put her pic on 4chan, witch is a huge stupid idea if you’re depressed and thinking of getting help from those people} she was a larger girl, thus people made fun of her and she was shopped with a "jeff the killer" look

another picture is a commonly looked up picture of a huge spider that shows tons of baby ones near it,  Sesseur claims he and “jeffs” brother took the picture, which when looked for is found and uploaded on the net by someone else years before this

the stupidest pic in the video is the free candy van, one of the most common pics makeing fun of child predators, which was uploaded long before the video {good god, i remember that thing in 2005}

The Pastas
There are 2 main stories of "jeff the killer" {not going into the tons of pastas of him and "attack" stories}

The “acid” one is the story in the vid and the “first” known story of “jeff the killer”

Jeff accidentally spilled a bucket of acid on his face while trying to clean his bathtub

The second and best most known one is here  
{since i don’t wanna drag a huge story into the post thats sooo long already, on that note, I actually like this story because of detail, it answers some “questions” you might be thing about, not the right ones but you’ll enjoy it}

and while we’re on Creepypastas and stories here
Ill leave this, its a site that has some stories on “jeff the killer” by others

Hope this helps a bit anon
I have more but this is just some of the basics and some others don’t know

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